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January 26, 2015
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Welcome to Slot Game! Enjoy your stay and learn all there is to know about everyone’s favorite casino game: the slot machine. In our knowledgebase, you will find the finest selection of articles dealing with all things slots: from game history to associated trivia! Learn slot game strategies and increase your odds by a mile! Oh, by the way, if you’re wondering just where it would be best for you to start playing your favorite slot game, the answer is: here. At Slot Game, you will find the finest selection of slots casinos: secure and licensed options all! All of our recommended casinos offer lucrative bonuses, which may be cashed in, invested, or multiplied! Sounds good? Read on!

The term “slot game” is so widely used that we cannot even begin to describe the differences between all slots variants available today. What it implied in the past, however, was a three-reel machine with five combinations in total. The first slot game was invented in San Francisco (in 1895.) and was called “the Liberty Bell”. (read our detailed article on slot game evolution). Nowadays, the term has expanded to embrace a wide variety of games, the best known of which are the classic- and the progressive ones. Well, one thing is certain: the slot is both popular and fun, and not likely to leave the online gambling scene anytime soon. Why, with slot machines generating two thirds of the total US casino revenues, one can only wonder why games of chance keep attracting new players of all ages in the third millennium.

Online slots

Experienced gamblers presumably prefer games of skill. The outcomes can be affected to a greater extent, although there are certain slot strategies that will help you boost your winning odds, too. The difference between the two is: skill. Can you imagine an amateur online gambler attempting a no-limit Texas Holdem game? We cannot either. And that is exactly where the slots fits in. Dubbed fun and thrilling, slots are almost always the first choice of first-time casino gamblers – online and live alike. If we keep in mind that online slot game casinos offer free bonuses to ALL new players, the situation becomes even merrier! For who wouldn’t like to try their luck at the famous slot machine at least once in a lifetime? And now we can do it for free!

To conclude, online slot game is recommended as the starting point for all slots fans. To play slot machines, one just needs to create an account, collect free bonuses, and – et voilà! No payments required, no strings attached! Play your favorite slot game now in our secure, licensed casinos! Sign up for your personal El Dorado today!

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Slot Game Evolution

January 26, 2015
slot game Herbert Stephen Mills

The first slot game machine was manufactured in 1895, and dubbed the Liberty Bell. The inventor was San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey. The Liberty Bell had three reels and five symbols and was the predecessor of what we know today as the classic slot machine. The original Liberty Bell is now displayed at the Liberty Belle saloon in Reno, Nevada.

slot game Charles FeyThe Liberty Bell

Charles Fey’s liberty Bell

Although Fey is credited with inventing the first slot game machine, in actual truth some notable attempts had been made in early 1880’s. The first coin-operated slot game devices were based on poker, which was enormously popular even then. Sittman and Pitt manufactured the first five-reel gaming device in 1891.

Circa a year after Bell’s invention, Herbert Stephen Mills of Mills Novelty Company manufactured a new variant of the Liberty Bell. He retained the name and managed to ward off competition. Although Mills’ move was controversial, to say the least, he employed assembly-line techniques for his products and became truly rich in years that followed.

There followed a whole new revolution in slot game manufacture, aimed at decreasing production costs and attracting new gamblers. One of the notable innovations was usage of wood instead of more expensive cast iron. The practice was soon to be abandoned, however, due to shift in material prices and accessibility.

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